Vinicola Tres Mujeres


Tres Mujeres is a wonderful cooperative started by three women, Ivette Vaillard, Eva Cotero and Laura Macgregor, who’ve created an enchanting tasting room that reflects the handcrafted effort put into each bottle. Producing a little over 4,000 bottles a year, the co-op seems much more interested in how their wines are received by each clientele versus over complicating their “sales first” style of marketing by working with distributors. Organic growth is important in these parts, as it should be everywhere, and Tres Mujeres have created an environmentally-friendly farm that would be a great model for all new world wineries. The results are apparent. The moment you step onto the property you’ll notice the overgrowth around the winery, disguising it like a fairytale home. Inside you’ll find a cool cave-like wine cellar full of mosaics and ceramics.

Like many of the artisanal wineries in the valley, Tres Mujeres shows an openness to the blending process, experimenting successfully with bold varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache, evoking rich, approachable, quaffable reds that are full of the earthy attributes of the valley. Even though they generally age their reds in American oak, the spiciness and black pepper from the fruit and soil still seeps through.

Varietals: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo; Blend: Grenache-Cabernet

Tasting Fee: Unknown

Reservation Required: By appointment only. Open from Sun – Mon: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Food: Yes

Address: Km. 87 Highway 3 Tecate-Ensenada
San Antonio de las Minas

Directions: Street Comonford s / San Antonio De las minas. Federal Highway # 3 take the only paved street in San Antonio de las Minas, at the end of the pavement, turn left continue block and a half, the winery is located at the corner on the left side.

Phone: When calling from the U.S. +52 646 171 5674 otherwise (646) 171 5674


Website: Vinicola Tres Mujeres

Facebook: Tres Mujeres