The don’t-miss destination is Laja, where just-picked vegetables, homemade bread and local olive oil, meat and seafood are creatively and expertly cooked. Four courses costs about $46 (Km. 83, Carretera Tecate-Ensenada,

Almazara chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero Yagües hunts and fishes many ingredients. Entrees run about $17 (Km. 85, Carretera Tecate-Ensenada). new restaurant from Tijuana-based celebrity chef Miguel Ángel Guerrero Yagües, deep in what was once Latin America’s largest olive grove. We nibbled on inventively-sauced sashimi and marlin tacos

  1. Finca Altozano (It is located off the main valle HWY near Km 83.  It’s about ¾ mile down that road and it an open air restaurant with many local wines.  Javier Plascencia is the creator/chef.)Corazon de Tierra (next to Villa del Valle in Francisco Zarco)
  2. Laja (Km 83  – a little more formal also on that same road as Finca Altozano, but closer to the start of that road inside of a little house
  3. Hacienda Guadalupe (Km 81.5)
  4. Deckmans el el Mogor (Km 85)
  5. Encuentro Guadalupe (@ Endemico Hotel – Km

Vino de gorza

$100 P 3 white wines 4 red

$150 pesos 2 whites 4 reds